Victoria Cocks, Director/Writer, Trying to make it

Making your ideas a reality is at times a bit tricky, but Victoria Cocks has come up with her own solution, she’ll just make a career out of it!

Victoria wants to make a living out of working as a Director/Writer. 
Whilst she is trying to make it in the film industry, she has also gained experience and knowledge as a cinematographer, editor, compositor, motion designer and VFX artist. Victoria is also one of the creative minds behind the web series filmed in South Australia called ‘Wastelander Panda’ which managed to raise $25,225 via crowd funding website ‘Pozible’ to create the episodes.

If you would like to help Victoria, she is currently after feedback on her work and as a Director/Writer.

Some of Victoria’s work:

Victoria Cocks, Director/Writer, Trying to make it

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