Tom Wroblewski wants to work in the film sound industry.

‘Sound Guys’ usually have the faceless job of the industry, unless Tom Wroblewski has his way!
“You can’t stand back or be worried about getting in front of the camera. You have to get in the action to record the best sound you can!”

It is with this passion that Tom immerses himself into all things audio. After completing an Advanced Diploma of Audio Production, he has his ear to the ground for jobs in the film industry as a location recordist or in postproduction.

What is more, his attitude towards his own work is enviable.
“I’m proud of all my work to a certain degree, even if it is crap as long as I keep learning.”

I want to help Tom Wroblewski

See some of Tom’s work through the stages of sound:

Stage 1 – Location Sound

Stage 2 – Post Production Clean Up

Stage 3 – Sound Concepts for VFXs

Tom Wroblewski, Film Sound Engineer, Trying to make it

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