Shannon Kilgariff, TV & Radio Broadcaster, Trying to make it

We’ll all spend many days of our lives at work, that’s inevitable. But to cannibalise the age-old adage, if you do what you love it won’t be hard work. Do something you don’t love and, well…

This was the take-home message for Shannon Kilgariff after a gap year flirtation with full time work as an insurance company receptionist. The experience helped her choose her current course of study in Journalism and Creative Writing.

‘The main thing I want to be able to say to myself is that I can go to work every day and enjoy what I’m doing’

With a healthy appetite for work experience and passion to see it through Shannon is looking for a career perfect-match in radio or broadcast journalism.

I want to help Shannon.

Shannon Kilgariff, TV & Radio Broadcaster, Trying To Make It

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