Roh Smith, Director, KOJO

Everyone’s journey into the creative industry is different. Take Roh Smith for exmaple, who’s career path went from a trainee accountant in Tasmania, to Cinematographer to Director at KOJO.
Roh’s advice to anyone who wants to become a director is to spend as much time as you can on set, learning all the different roles as well as the difference between what makes a good director and bad director.

“If I could give myself some advice when I was starting out it would be don’t take anything too seriously, take the failures in your stride. Just get on with enjoying life because this is a great industry to be in. Yes, your going to fall over and make mistakes and it’s going to hurt, but the quicker you pick yourself up the better off you are.”


The soundtrack featured in Roh Smith’s interview was composed by Martyn Love, from Love Sonic.


Some of Roh’s work:



See more of Roh’s work.

Roh Smith, Director, KOJO

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