Nima Nabaili Rad, Cinematographer

Staying inside on a cold day to watch films is a big incentive when Nima Nabaili Rad is behind the reel. Nima did this for two years whilst living in Turkey, before moving to Australia to study and pursue a career as a Cinematographer.

This week Nima, Cinematographer has a few tips for any Cinematographers trying to make it within the industry, from getting involved in projects outside of every day studies to the importance of having a great show reel.

“…learn the business side of being in the film industry, make connections, watch lots and lots of films, even if you don’t like them. Study the way light hits objects or people, the framing, the movement and also shoot as much as you can, whenever you can.”

Some of Nima’s work:

Nima Nabili Rad Shorts Reel 2012:

Nima Nabili Rad Music Video Reel 2012:

I want to see more of Nima’s work.

Nima Nabaili Rad, Cinematographer

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