Miranda wants to be a writer

The only thing that stops Miranda Richardson from writing is the fact that as mere human beings we do need to eat and sleep at some point to continue functioning.

“I managed to work on it every single day without getting bored or tired. I guess that is how you know what you want to do as a career. It’s that thing you can do forever without wanting to eat or sleep.”

Miranda’s passion for the written word followed through after childhood and is now undertaking a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing) and also a Diploma in Language (Italian) at Flinders University.

Her writing isn’t limited to novels within the fantasy realm (which is her preferred genre), she also loves writing in all forms from theatre reviews, script writing, editing and even song writing.

If you want to help Miranda get closer to making it in the industry, she is currently seeking a mentorship or freelance opportunities.

I want to help Miranda Richardson

Some of Miranda’s work:

The Wind

We always used to sing together, the wind and I.
Every morning I would close the front gate behind me as softly as I could and take a deep breath of chill morning air. The outskirts of the city were empty, the chain link fences creaking softly in the breeze and birds calling somewhere far off. My footsteps tapped on the asphalt as I crossed the road.
I hurried past shuttered windows and faded graffiti, the streets widening as I went. I followed the empty highway for a short way before finally stepping onto soft earth. The hill was pretty steep, so I pulled up the side of my skirt to tie it at my hip. If my foot slipped I’d snatch up a tuft of grass, pulling myself forward. In a rush of stumbling footsteps, I’d reach the crest of the hill…

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Oh sweet temptation, dear, divine
All white and frosted creamy whips
You’re my destruction, but you’re mine.

You tasted perfect, light and fine
When first I brought you to my lips
Oh sweet temptation, dear, divine.

But when I’d take you out for wine
I’d see your laugh in all the drips.
You’re my destruction, but you’re mine.

At night with you, I’d always dine
With hunger, take you by the hips
Oh sweet temptation, dear, divine.

And you would watch me in decline;
I’d fall apart in sugared strips
You’re my destruction, but you’re mine.

I learned at last, it was a sign
Yet though I now take fewer sips
Oh sweet temptation, dear, divine,
You’re my destruction, but you’re mine.

Play songs written by Miranda:

Smiles the Linger

Apples and Lace

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