Lyndsay Swan, Graphic Designer, Trying to make it

Every designer has their own unique style and technique, something that makes them stand out from the crowd. This is what Lyndsay Swan, Graphic Designer has embraced throughout her work.

“My style of design is very handcrafted. I like to make things and start new projects from scratch. It feels like there is more of me in it and it’s more fun too.”

Lyndsay has recently graduated from the TafeSA Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design.  She has created a Facebook Page and blog to share and update her work regularly.

If you would like to help Lyndsay she is currently after any design studio, freelance or collaborative opportunities. If you have any connections or know anyone that could help this hungry creative – please contact us.

Some of Lyndsay’s work:







Lyndsay Swan, Graphic Designer, Trying to make it

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