Joshua Smith, Gallery Director & Artist, Espionage Gallery

Joshua Smith is the sort of guy that would make plenty of budding artists wildly jealous. He’s not only an artist, specialising in bold coloured stencil art, but also the Gallery Director of the Espionage Gallery. His work has taken him all over the world.

Thirteen years ago he began experimenting with stencil art in high school. This led him to create his own work, entering it in exhibitions and moving from Ardrossan (York Peninsula) to Adelaide to establish himself as an artist until he managed to open his own gallery.

Smith started out teaching a variety of organisations how to make stencils, and still maintains a teaching component in his career. Knowing that the art scene is about ‘who you know and when you know them’, he seeks out artists for exhibitions and discovers them through word of mouth.

As an artist, Joshua advises that you need ‘to be skilled but also need to know the business side of the industry and how to market yourself and your work.’

Some of Joshua’s & Espionage’s work:

Joshua Smith, Gallery Director & Artist, Already Made It

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