Bayley wants to be a cinematographer

It’s all coming together for Bayley Broome-Peake an up-and-coming Cinematographer. Bayley has almost completed her Bachelor of Creative Arts (Screen) at Flinders University and has played an important part in the filming of interviews for Hungry Creatives. All she wants to do is work in the camera department, even if for the time being that means observing, holding cables and most important of all making the coffee.

“I get a buzz out of filming because you get to make, build and bring the idea to life and see it on screen.”

Now Bayley is chasing another opportunity. For the next four weeks Bayley will be undertaking a camera attachment working on a feature film thanks to the Australian Cinematographer Society. Good luck Bayley we know you’ll make the most of it and learn extra skills to get you the cutting-edge within the industry.

I want to help Bayley Broome – Peake

Bayley’s Showreel:

Bayley Broome – Peake, Cinematographer, Trying to make it

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