Hungry Creatives spent October traveling around the world, but we didn’t leave home without our cameras. We managed to organise an interview with Adam Katz an Interaction Designer at Google Creative Labs in New York, and find out what it takes to make it.

Adam Katz undertook painting at College before switching to Graphic Design to pursue his desire to create products for people to use and interact with.

‘When I was at college I was hell bent on getting a job right away and it wasn’t the right job that I got. I also didn’t have the smoothest path into the industry, I took some forks in the road but I think it has helped me become a better designer and person…’

We also asked Adam what kind of people Google searches for to create their teams.

‘The type of people that really succeed here are people who are entrepreneurial thinkers, people who don’t just sit back and rest on their laurels or wait for people to tell them what to do. They look for holes in Google or the world and fill them…I don’t know if there is necessarily the right person or what makes someone work here, but we always come back to the fact that they have to be extremely talented and also the kind of person you’d want to have a beer with after work. It’s a tough thing to find, but sometimes when its done right it works awesome.’

Some of Adam’s work & New York:

Adam Katz_allmygoodideasarebattles

Adam Katz_allmygoodideasarebattles2

Adam Katz_allmygoodideasarebattles3

New York 3

New York 2


New York 7

New York 6

new york3.5

New York 5

New York

Adam Katz, Interaction Designer, Google, New York

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